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Complex Scheduling

Scheduling accounts with only a few employees is easy, but scheduling an account with hundreds or thousands of employees, positions, locations, temporary specials, and titles can become quite complex. With SchedFox the task is easy.


SchedFox allows your managers to list the account name with sub-categories and descriptions. Various working locations can be listed under the account name. For example, accounts can be listed by parking lots, reception areas, back docks, president's office, Work Station # one and so forth. The address is displayed for each location.

Specialize Shifts

SchedFox allows your manager to adjust to various complicated situations. Listed below are a few situations that SchedFox simplifies for your managers:

Adding Special Shifts

SchedFox program can help you with last minute changes, holidays and special assignments. SchedFox allows:

   Changing and adjusting last minute shifts.
   Changing shifts for late employees.
   Temporarily replacing employees on vacation.
   Deleting unwanted shifts at the last second.
   Adding and removing holiday shifts.
   Temporarily adding shifts.
   Creating ongoing special shifts.
   Adding a non-billable shift.
   Coordinating a split shift.

Displaying Open Shifts

With SchedFox, filling open shifts is a breeze. Just a simple click of the mouse and all open shifts are displayed. Each open shift is displayed in red. The color coded squares alert the schedule managers that these critical shifts are open.

Displaying Available Employees

Filling open shifts can be fun. SchedFox displays an availability list of all uncommitted employees. The availability list is displayed by the employee name and provides the days and hours that are open on the schedule.

Filling the Open Shift

From the availability list, the manager will select the employee to fill the open shift. Then the manager will conveniently drag and drop the employee into the open shift. It's fast, simple and easy.

Advance Availability List

For those shifts that require specially trained personnel, SchedFox's advance availability search is perfect. This option will display available employees by whether or not they are trained, certified, qualified or approved at a particular location.

Printed Schedule Appearance

SchedFox avoids confusion by printing employee schedules in two different formats.

Stuffing the Schedules

SchedFox prints scheduling in alphabetical order or by individual. The program generates the schedules to be printed in a format that is ready to stuff in window envelopes.

Individual Schedules

When employees are assigned new schedules or need copies of lost schedules, SchedFox is ready to perform. Just click on the employee and then select the print schedule option.

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