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Try Schedfox for 30 days at no charge. Once you've experienced the full capability of Schedfox, you'll wonder why you didn't try SchedFox earlier and save yourself from all the headaches on scheduling employees.

If you continue with Schedfox after the free trial and you have less than 25 employees, your price will be $25.00 per week. This includes all the popular features such as employees ability to see their schedules online, employee information storage and more. You'll easily save this much money on overtime.

For companies with more than 25 employees, the cost for each additional employee is only 75 cents per week. Larger companies please contact 512-782-0781 for a discounted quote or on an enterprise solution.

Optional Features

Human Resource Files and Storage

SchedFox's Human Resources File Management capability allows you to store any pertinent information about your employees. For example, on each specific employee, you can scan and upload post instructions, employment agreements, personnel paperwork, certifications, etc. This feature allows users to keep all of their personnel files in one place with ease of access when scheduling your employees.

This solution is unbeatable and is extremely cost efficient. We provide you with 50MB of storage, included in the base price of the SchedFox software. Should you require additional space, the first 500MB is simply $25 a month. For every additional 500MB that you may decide later you need, the cost is only $15. This means that you can have 1GB of file management storage for only $40 a month. In the event that you require over 2GB of storage, please contact the SchedFox team to discuss pricing and enterprise licensing.


We also have a SMS text messaging feature that allows you to mass text message employees in an effort to fill an open shift. We have an unlimited texting option for only $30.00 per month.

Automated Check in and Check Out

The software can, additionally, utilize an Automated Check-in/out Telephony System. This telephony allows your officers to call on/off duty and check-in without having to physically speak with a live person. This feature runs at $50 for the initial 10,000 call minutes per month and $30 for each additional 15,000 minutes over that.


Schedfox knows that every company has special request. We can customize Schedfox for your company. Our hourly rate for customization is $95.00 per hour. Please call for a quote on any specialty item.

Download SchedFox

After you create your account it will take about 2 minutes for the database be created.

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