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Schedfox Employee Scheduling

Online Scheduling   Schedfox Does So Much More

The SchedFox program has so many features that we could fill up hundreds of pages with information. Instead we are going to recap some of the standard features for your review.

Online Scheduling   Prevents Conflicting Shifts

SchedFox will not allow one employee to be booked simultaneously at two different locations. The alert system will notify your managers whenever there is an attempted schedule conflict.

Online Scheduling   Creating Special Shifts

SchedFox allows your company to create special shifts for exclusive events. The Shifts can be classified as non-billable, subcontracted, temporary services, billable training, billable overtime, supervisor meetings, training meetings, conferences and more.

Online Scheduling   Making Notes

SchedFox allows your managers to make notes under clients, shifts, schedules and employees. This information is stored for future reference. SchedFox will use these notes to restrict employees that have been banned from certain schedules.

Online Scheduling   Upload and Download Information

SchedFox has been designed to make data transfer a breeze. As long as your other program uses industry standards data transfer, SchedFox can upload the information into our system.

SchedFox is designed to exchange data and integrate with the most popular payroll and invoicing programs. From the settings section, your company can program the information to be uploaded into your programs.

Online Scheduling   The Master Schedule

With SchedFox your company can view schedules months into the future or months in the past. The Master Schedule continues to rebuild itself weekly unless a permanent change is placed by your scheduler. This feature allows your company to plan for special events, holidays and temporary employees.

Online Scheduling   Help Function

SchedFox is designed to be user friendly. Most people can use common sense to operate the program. When that fails, SchedFox has a self help section to answer your questions.

With SchedFox, it is easy to generate special reports. Our IT staff can generate reports especially designed for your industry. SchedFox will also coordinate reports with our invoicing and payroll program. Here are just a few of our future reports:
Online Scheduling Overtime Reports
This report displays the overtime scheduled per employee or account.
Online Scheduling Training per account
This report helps detect areas of high turnover and training.
Online Scheduling Availability Report
This report shows the employees available to work.
Online Scheduling Open Shift Reports
This report displays all open shifts.

Drag and Drop

To move an employee or a schedule is just a Drag and Drop away. Just click on the employee and drag them into the schedule. Or just click on a shift and move it to the availability list. If you are designing a new schedule, just input the shift once and then drag and drop to complete the schedule.

Mouse Over

SchedFox screen is not cluttered with information. Instead we allow pertinent information to be viewed by moving the mouse. Moving the mouse over the employee's name provides phone numbers and addresses. Moving the mouse over a client's name provides the locations and phone numbers. The Mouse Over feature keeps the screen clean and easy to read.

Display Open Shifts

From the main viewing page, just click open shifts. Every open shift is displayed in an easy to read format. To fill the open shift, just drag and drop employees into the schedule. What could be easier?

Training Alert

SchedFox creates a list of employees that have been scheduled to work a location for the first time. This is the training list. Training times can be adjusted in the settings to allow you to specialize each position. This training list is created for your supervisors to ensure that all employees are properly trained.

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