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SchedFox was created by schedulers, dispatchers, company executives and intuitive computer programmers that were fed up with available scheduling software. We were tired of being charged extra for scheduling software modifications that should have been industry standards. We were irritated by the slowness and loading time of the other scheduling programs. We were perplexed by a scheduling software that forced us from screen to screen to make minor shift or employee changes. We were frustrated because our trained employees were still struggling with their complicated scheduling procedures. We were upset that their software support team was unable to answer our questions about their own program. We were tired of scheduling company telling us that everything was user error and we would have to pay to get it fixed. We were angry that the software program was so confusing that we had to send our employees to their training school.

We knew that other scheduling professionals were feeling the same frustrations that we were. The only solution was to create a new scheduling program. We invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure that SchedFox would achieve the desired goals.

We wanted a software scheduling program for our own company that was fast, user friendly, easy to comprehend, nearly dummy proof, and trackable. We wanted a program that would save us money on training and overtime and provide scheduling safe guards. We wanted a program that could be easily understood by the average Joe employee.

We wanted a software that was on the cutting edge of new technology. We wanted drag-and-drop features and the ability to use our mouse. We wanted to be able to double click on an employee, shift or client and make our changes from one location. We wanted all the employee, client and scheduling information available at our finger tips. We wanted a scheduling program that initiated complication mathematical equations by just clicking the mouse one time.

Our management team wanted to be able to track who made mistakes on the schedule. We wanted to know who left shifts open. We wanted to know why someone was scheduled without training. We wanted to know why a shift was open and nobody knew about it. We wanted to know which employees were honest and which were trying to cheat our company.

We wanted to view one screen and be able to see all the open shifts, several weeks of scheduling, available employees, overtime, training and more. We wanted the screen to be colored coded for easy comprehension.

We wanted to be able to work from all of our different computers and locations without purchasing expensive networking equipment. We wanted our supervisors and management team to have access in the field and at home.

We DID IT. Our schedulers, dispatchers, supervisors and company executives are thrilled by SchedFox. We save thousands of dollars a week by using a street smart scheduling software that was created by people that really use it.
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