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SchedFox Employee Scheduling Program is a customizable security guard scheduling software that enables schedulers to efficiently create schedules, track overtime, manage conflicts, email schedules to employees, text employee for open shifts and report on employee schedules via the Internet anytime, anywhere. Schedfox if fantastic for security guard schedules, hospitals staff schedules, retail stores and company with complex scheduling needs.

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SchedFox is a lightning fast, high speed employee scheduling program that processes thousands of employees and complex schedules in just seconds. SchedFox is a sly and crafty scheduling program designed specifically for security guard scheduling needs.

With Schedfox your schedulers will be able to send out weekly schedules in emails. The emails contain a pdf file or a text verison of the schedule. Your schedulers can also text employees with open shifts. The dispatchers simply click the open shift and select employees to be texted. Text as many employees as you need to fill your schedule ASAP. No more useless phone calls.

Security officers can view their schedules online from anywhere that has internet access. Employees go to and are able to view their schedules for many weeks.

Our employee scheduling program is sophisticated enough to allow hundreds of schedulers and dispatchers simultaneously editing and updating employee schedules. Managers can view and edit schedules at the same time, without purchasing expensive networking hardware. With automatic updates, schedulers will have current employee shifts and schedules at their fingertips.

Your company will save thousands of dollars by allowing SchedFox to slash your employee overtime. Schedulers are able to view and select qualified employees that are trained, certified, approved and without overtime. The availability chart makes scheduling easy from any online location.

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With Schedfox, your clients will be able to view their schedules. They simply get on any internet connection and type in Your scheduler will assign a user name and password to your client and they will be able to view their schedule and the security officers working the account.

No longer do you need to worry about sending an untrained employee to a location. SchedFox provides your supervisors with up to the minute reports. Whenever an employee is scheduled to work a post for the first time, SchedFox creates a report and an alert screen. This report can then be used by supervisors and managers to ensure that all your employees are qualified and trained for the scheduled position.

The Employee display screen is designed to easily read the hours of operation of even the most complicated locations. The scheduling manager screen displays the total hours in a variety of different fashions. On the screen managers will be able to see the totals for:

   employee scheduling program The total hours an employee is scheduled to work.
   employee scheduling software The total weekly hours of each account.
   employee scheduling The total daily hours and shifts of each account.
   hospital employee scheduling Software The total hours of each day.
   free employee scheduling software The total hours per client in one week.

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